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Work-Fun Balance

Introducing Anna, business savvy with the passion for modelling. She waits patiently. Off Frame photographer 7onit and Gaffer RC prepare for the shoot.

A snap shot by in house photographer Vanessa. Anna collaborates for DARAKET campaign "Work-Fun Balance".

Street style with logo graphic print.

Anna maintains her pose right before laughter. There was a fun distraction behind the scene. She is wonderful to work with, professional and outgoing. Anna embodies in her business style with a graphic printed tee.

Anna shared her modelling experience and eased the photoshoot.

Inspired by a meeting with Anna, a minimalist design for the tee was created to add a personal touch to a collection of graphic tees. Handcrafted film transfer with attention to detail, the piece is like a work of art with the logo in the front and a minimalist typography phrase on the sleeves.


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