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Our collection of contemporary artworks and paintings is carefully curated with an emphasis on quality and creativity.  Each piece is a unique expression of the artist's vision. From paintings to photographs, we have something to suit every space and style. Shop today and elevate your decor with an original artwork.


36x48x1.5 inches

Acrylic on canvas


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The painting "Pleasure" artwork is a must-have for any contemporary art enthusiast.  It is 1 of 7 from the painting series.  This original painting from the Mickey on Coke series is a unique and provocative addition to any collection.  Embrace the modern era and add a touch of edgy sophistication to your home.

DaRaket Logo Abstract


Acrylic Paint on maple board


Skate board deck are hand painted with acrylic paint on maple boards.  They are signed by the artist, numbered, and limited.  Not intended for riding.  Contact us for inquiries

Hoopla series is all about designing playful and joyful artwork that makes you smile. Using bold colors and surreal designs, we take inspiration from our everyday surroundings to create unique paintings that are individualistic and imaginative. When we see someone admiring our artwork, we know that we’ve succeeded in bringing a bit of happiness into their day.  Contact us for inquiries

Coca Cola 1 of 18

"Coca Cola #1"

Photography print

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Our black and white Photo Art Print is a must-have for any art lover.  This series is 1to18, and features a touch of red that adds depth and character to the piece.  With its classic design and timeless appeal, this print is sure to make a nice touch in your home or office.

"Float Think"

Hand painted Adidas Superstar

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Add some personal flair to your sneaker collection with our Adidas Superstar hand painted sneakers.  Each shoe is unique, painted by hand with care and attention to detail.  With their classic design and comfortable fit, these sneakers are perfect for any occasion!  Wear it until you thrash it or add to your display.

Skate Deck

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